Tobias Kroeger

Some start small; Tobias Kroeger started rather large. Inspired by the New York City subway graffitis of the 1990’s, he sprayed his first works of art in his hometown of Bremen, Germany, at the age of 12. Kroeger spent his youth exploring the boundaries of the genre: Out of the typical imagery of graffiti, he developed his own iconography, and finally transported this style on to classic canvas – since 2013, his focus has been on using oil and acrylic paints.


1998 “Graffiti Art” Galerie Steinbrecher, Bremen (Germany) group show

2005 “Das unbekannte Meisterwerk”, Bremen Art Centre Buntentor, Bremen (Germany) group show

2012 “Cantamananas”, Contemporary Art Centre, Huarte (Spain) group show

2014 “A Major Minority”, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco (USA) group show

2014 “Face-Off”, GfG Gruppe für Gestaltung, Bremen (Germany) solo show

2014 “KNOTENPUNKT 14”, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg (Germany) group show

2015  “FOOLS”, kunstmix – Galerie im Schnoor, Bremen (Germany) solo show

2016 “Playground”, Hugo 45 Gallery, Braunschweig (Germany) solo show

2016 “MenschTierWir”, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg (Germany) group show

2017 “Abstract”, 44309 Streetart Gallery, Dortmund (Germany) group show

2017 “Another view”, Plastic Murs Gallery, Valencia (Spain) group show

2017 “Anamorphic Portraiture”, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco (USA) group show

2017 “Nord Nord Ost”, Kolly Gallery, Zurich (Switzerland) group show

2017 “Masquerade”, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco (USA) solo show

2018 “Windows”, Peggy Gallery, Bremen (Germany) solo show

2019 “Two for Tomorrow” w. Nawer / 44309 Gallery, Dortmund (Germany) duo show