Gruppenausstellung MENSCHTIERWIR


Under this motto 55 national and international artists present their works at Affenfaust Gallery in Hamburg, Germany from Oct, 6th until Nov, 13th 2016.



The range of the shown pieces is wide and combines diverse styles, many different materials and eclectic techniques. From filigree drawings to watercolors, collages, paintings, sculptures, photography and large installation, from photorealistic portrayal to abstraction, the complex relationship between man and beast will shown in all their creative diversity.

The thematic cosmos opens up plenty of possible interpretations and connections of the mutual relatedness and dependency and will be experienceable  in the show – sometimes more, sometimes less alienated.

The show examines i.a. animals as a projection of human feelings, as an independent individual, hybrid creature, in versatile functions and roles.

The viewers attention is being centered on all the different facettes of human and animalistic proclivities and the similarities that made human (MENSCH) and animal (TIER) become us (WIR).

Following the great success of „Das Eigene Ich“, this will be the second show curated by artist Elmar Lause at the Affenfaust Gallery.

Text: Maria Schellenberg

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